version 1.


On-Page SEO Optimisation Check for Products, Categories, CMS pages etc.

Real-time on-site optimisation content check for several different SEO criteria:

 • H1, H2 and H3 check

 • Keyword Density measure

 • Keyword Bold count

 • Internal Links count

 • Word Count 

 • Image alt text

 • Meta Robot Follow or Nofollow

 • SEO friendly URLs

 • Advanced meta robot tags

 • Include in sitemap (yes, no)

 • Priority

 • Canonical URL

 • Target URL

 • Manual Enter SEO data option

 • Old Urls History

 • Multi language compatibility

 • Google Rich Snippets

 • Disable Duplicate Page Title and Meta Descriptions


Version 2

 • Created automatic 301 redirect if you change from a flat URL structure to a category URL structure

 • Automatically redirect non www. to www

 • Create 301 redirects for example for discontinued, out of stock products manually or in bulk. Central 301 redirect admin area with Import/Export feature.

 • Restrict user group permission to access settings and features

Version 2.1

 • Add Search functionality in SEO 301 Redirects

 • SEO Auto Meta tags functionality

 • Add 'Redirect non-www urls to www' check box and 'Meta Description Length' input field new settings in Addon Settings.

 • Create meta tag hook for display meta tags of product, category, blog and news pages.

 • 'SEO url name' conflict with SEO plugin Resolved

 • 'SEO / Meta Name' block removed

Version 2.2

 • Add enable/disable canonical urls setting for products, categories, pages and site news

Version 2.3

 • old urls history & 301 redirects for old urls

 • Multi language compatibility

 • Bug Fixes

Version 2.4

 • Google Rich Snippets

 • Disable Duplicate Page Title and Meta Descriptions  

 • set Testimonial URL to indexable

Version 2.5

 • Fix conanical urls issue

 • Fix Google Rich Snippets issue and remove view_main_info hook from addon that used for Google Rich Snippets tags.

 • Fix 301 redirect issue

Version 2.6 (upgrade to cscart version 4.0.2)


 • In addon.xml file, rename item handlers 'fn_google_seo_clear_url_info' to 'fn_advanced_seo_clear_url_info'

   and 'fn_google_rich_snippets_info' to 'fn_advanced_seo_google_rich_snippets_info'.

 • Also Rename item handler function 'fn_google_seo_clear_url_info' to 'fn_advanced_seo_clear_url_info'

   and 'fn_google_rich_snippets_info' to 'fn_advanced_seo_google_rich_snippets_info' 

   and move these function from func.php to config.php.

 • In addon.xml file, remove uninstall items due to non-exist table '?:privilege_descriptions' in cscart v4.0.2 :

   <item for="uninstall">DELETE FROM ?:privilege_descriptions WHERE privilege = 'view_advanced_seo'</item>

   <item for="uninstall">DELETE FROM ?:privilege_descriptions WHERE privilege = 'manage_advanced_seo'</item>

 • Changed fn_url function arguments in backend & frontend controller .php hooks

 • Changed fn_url function arguments in func.php & config.php

 • In frentend prodcut hook file: /app/addons/advanced_seo/controllers/frontend/products.pre.php

   pass argument as array;

   Old code : fn_get_discussion_posts( $discussion_data['thread_id'] )

   New code : fn_get_discussion_posts( array( 'thread_id' => $discussion_data['thread_id'] ) );

 • Fixed Sitemap priority and multi-lang Issue 

 • Fixed advanced seo suggession url on update page of product, page, news and category.

 • Fixed prev/next canonical urls on category display page.

 • no need to replace title metatag in skin's index.tpl, title hook implemented in cscart v4.0.2


 • title hook code changed in file: /design/themes/basic/templates/addons/advanced_seo/hooks/index/title.override.tpl

   <!--Advanced SEO keyword field starts here by 4sprung -->






   <!--Advanced SEO keyword field ends here by 4sprung -->

   removed from code



Version 2.6.1

 • create new hook /advanced_seo/hooks/index/ to add Store Company rich snippets tags in bottom of all pages. 

Version 2.7.0

 • Upgraded to cscart version 4.0.3

 • config issue fixed. 

version 2.7.1

 • Upgraded to php version 5.4.

version 3.0

• Facebook Open graph added for product - with enable/ disable add-on settings.

• Twitter product card added - with enable/ disable add-on settings.


version 3.1

Get product details added condition for admin panel to the following function fn_advanced_seo_get_product_info.

version 4

Upgraded to cs-cart 4.2.X version

Version 5 (Works for CS Cart Version 4.2.X)

• Webmaster Verification for Google and Bing

• Fully updated and Improved Onsite optimization tool

• Custom 404 Page

• Template based page title and meta description

• Duplicate content check

• Easy self installation/de-installation via installer

• Optimized code and a lot of improvements under the hood

Version 5.0.1 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.X)

• Cloning Product SEO URL Name Fix 

• Bug fixes

Version 5.0.2 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.X) Updated July 10, 2015

• Mobile Responsive Issue Fix

Version 5.0.3 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.X) Updated August 10, 2015

• Sitemap.xml Page not found fix


Version 5.0.4 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.X) Updated September 4, 2015

• Manual entering of SEO field Issue Fix

Version 5.0.5 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.X) Updated September 21, 2015

• Editing Sub Category: SEO Suggestions not showing fix


Version 5.1 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.X)  Updated October 20, 2015

• Compatible with CS Cart 4.3.4

• Keyword Density Calculation improvement

• Move Similar URLS in to a modal

• Meta Description set to manual input as default

• Enable/Disable Page Title Template

Version 5.1.1 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.X) Updated November 3, 2015

• Video Sitemap Duration Fix

Version 5.1.2 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.X) Updated January 15, 2016

• Option to Opt out on automatic 301 Redirect when changing SEO name for products

• Additional Canonical Meta Tags with Next/Prev for paginated results for Categories, Products, and Pages

Version 5.1.3 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.X) Updated March 8, 2016

• Page Titles Templates can be updated on Product Update

Version 5.1.4 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.X) Updated March 31, 2016

• Object not found error fix from Bing API 

Version 5.1.5 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.X) Updated April 20, 2016


• Can't upload Blog Image Issue

Version 5.1.6 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.X) Updated April 29, 2016

• Meta Keywords Description for Category and Content Pages Issue

• PHP Notices for Duplicate Variables Defined Fix

Version 5.1.7 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.X) Updated June 2, 2016

• Fix for Multi Languages Issues

Version 5.1.8 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.X) Updated June 28, 2016

• Added Bing Analytics

• Embed Bing Analytics UET tag
• Report Variable Revenue with UET on Checkout

Version 5.1.9 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.2 up to 4.3.9) Updated August 17, 2016

• Sitemap fix on displaying secure links (https)

Version 5.2.0 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.2 up to 4.3.8) Updated November 7, 2016

• Meta Description Fix for Multi-language Cart

Version 5.2.1 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.9 up to 4.4.1) Updated December 19, 2016

• Compatibility Update for CS Cart 4.3.9 - 4.4.1

Version 5.2.2 (Works for CS Cart 4.3.9 up to 4.4.3) Updated March 3, 2017

• Multi language issue on changing language upon product update
• Bing LSI Keyword API Update

Version 5.2.3 (Works for CS Cart 4.4.3 to 4.5.1) Updated March 16, 2017

• Internal Links to work within a store for multi stores.

Version 5.2.4 (Works for CS Cart 4.4.3 to 4.5.2) Updated June 1, 2017

• Fixed an issue which could cause a Website Slowdown for some clients

Version 5.3.1 (Works for CS Cart 4.8.1 to 4.9.2) Updated November 25, 2018

Compatibility Update with some enhancements

Updated backend design to work with the new responsive admin theme of CS-Cart

Version 5.3.2 (Works for CS Cart 4.9.X to 4.10.X) Updated July 21, 2019

• Fixed Admin Theme Responsive Issues for Large Screens

• Code Enhancements

Version 5.3.3 (Works for CS Cart 4.9.X to 4.10.X) Updated December 29, 2019

• Compatibility Update

Version 5.4.0 (Works for CS Cart 4.11.1 to 4.11.X) Updated November 23, 2020

• Compatibility Update

Addon.xml upgrade to scheme 3.0